Hi! I'm Phillip Andrew Hocking, a technologist who focuses on DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices, CI/CD Pipelines, automation, and rapidly executing upon and delivering technology outcomes at scale. I'm passionate about technology, cycling, craft coffee, and genuinely exploring what it takes to be a better person/husband/father/technologist/worker/leader/friend today than I was yesterday.

Phillip Andrew Hocking

The tagline of my blog is continuous improvement via consistent discipline and I genuinely seek to do this every day. It is hard though... many days I feel like I am not making progress... but I can look back over weeks, months, and years to see that my iterative processes are yielding measurable and qualitative results.

So, join me on my mission to become a better technology practitioner and be the cultural change agent for your organization to adopt DevOps/SRE and CI/CD methodologies - or refine your skills in this space if your initiative is already underway! Or, maybe you just want to vibe and don't have any kind of agenda professional or personal at all... I'm pretty chill and laid back, and don't really have interest in gatekeeping my time. If you want to communicate with me, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to do so.

The easiest way to link up and kick it with me is on The DevOps Lounge Discord where I learned all of this stuff from the patient tutelage of many people smarter than me over the last several years.

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If you would like to link up with me for consultation, mentorship, making new friends, or just to talk about bikes or tech - feel free to reach out via Twitter or Facebook or even plain ole email at phillhocking@gmail.com... heck if you think it is particularly time sensitive, call my cell at (818) 457-6605. You can find my GitHub profile with some projects that might interest you around Terraform and AWS, and if you run into any trouble trying to use any of my code for your own solution - drop me a line and I will do what I can to help you out.  

You can book a half hour appointment below as well!

Also, if you are into emo/hardcore/screamo/etc type music from the early 2000s, this probably is my greatest work of content curation: